Ellen and I wanted to thank you for taking time to conduct the inspection.  Your report was extremely detailed and very useful.  Both Ellen and I feel much better about this potential acquisition after having walked through the inspection with you.  Best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

Rick H.

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Thank you so much for your hard work!

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Hi, Bryan! it was nice to work with you as well. Thank you so much for giving the report over so quickly!! Thanks!

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Thank you Bryan! Your the man!

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Thanks for the inspection report Bryan!

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Hello Bryan, Very fast work! And I enjoyed meeting and talking with you as well! Thank you again for your service today.

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Bryan, thank you so much for your service and getting this to us quickly. Thank you for the clean & thorough work on the report. Good job. Forever Grateful.

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Bryan, great job! Thanks for everything.

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Bryan was very detailed, thorough, communicative and easy to work with. I would recommend him to my clients again.

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Bryan. Thank you for the report and thanks for getting it back to us in such a timely manner. Hope you have s great 4th July weekend!

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Bryan – Thanks for the update. It was definitely a good experience the other day.  Thanks for making the trip.

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Nice report!

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Thank you. Thanks for giving us your expertise and making our experience less stressful.

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Thanks bro you’re awesome and so thorough!

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Bryan is your guy, he did an awesome job on the a house were were going to buy, he was very honest he told us the good and the bad. He has very fair prices the best we found out there. Thanks Bryan we will be seeing you soon.

Cheri H.

Thanks  so much for the warm wishes. My family wished you a wonderful holiday as well. We are loving our new home and appreciate all you did to assist to getting us here to Washington. Keep in touch! Hope to see you when you are in town playing baseball iwhen the weather dries up a bit.

Katherina I.

Thanks so much for a quick turn around on this, the report looks great, the time spent today was very educational for me and the piece of mind gained for myself and my wife is unmeasurable. Thanks again, Happy Holidays

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Great doing business with you!

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I always use Bryan Zimmerman of True North Home Inspections. You get an awesome deal on price and because of his pest inspection certification you get a 2 for one in your home inspection. Great value, and great guy. Very professional and always punctual . Use Brian from True North you won’t be disappointed.

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Using the services provided by True North Home Inspections saved me thousands of dollars prior to the sale of my home. Bryan is a polite, to the point, detail oriented professional. I highly recommend using Bryan for your home inspection needs!

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I would recommend using Bryan for any of your home inspection needs. He was professional, thorough and not an alarmist. His report was straight forward and easy to understand for my buyer.

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Bryan was very professional and thorough. He checked every aspect which would make a house a home.

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Thank you Bryan for your thorough inspection . Appreciate your time. Thanks!

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Thank you for the home inspection and the tips to extend the life of the home. I learned a lot. I will definitely refer you to my friends when they are in the market.

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Hi Bryan, thank you for the report. It seems very complete. And, thank you for the call, it was much appreciated.

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Bryan’s demeanor and level of professionalism are top-notch. He was thorough, but didn’t waste any time. The report he sent me was excellent; it was easy to understand, which made it easy to prioritize the concerns we need addressed before we buy our new home, and he even put in there the things that I can do to fix the “small stuff” later on! Truly top-notch and well worth the money. Thank you, Bryan.

Bryan N.

Thanks so much, Bryan. I appreciate you being so thorough in your work. Hope all goes well.


Thank you! Thanks for giving us your expertise and making our experience less stressful.


Thanks. It was great getting to know you, Bryan. Thanks for all the extra time you took to explain things in such understandable detail.


Thank you for getting the report to us so quickly. Thanks for fitting me into your busy schedule.


I just got the chance to read your full report. Nice work and thank you very much. 🙂


Thank you, Bryan. I appreciate the well-organized and comprehensive report and hope to work with you again in the future.


Thanks so much, Bryan. I know we were joking around about how long the process took and how many findings there were, etc. but I really do appreciate your thoroughness and looking out for me as the buyer. Take care and I’ll keep your business card for referrals.


I received your voicemail following-up on the home inspection report you sent me earlier today. I am impressed with your diligence and professionalism. The follow-up call is above and beyond requirements but also well appreciated. Your report was clear and thorough. I do not have any questions.


Just wanted to let you know that we had other friends that live two doors down from ‘our’ new condo. We showed them your inspection report, and they said your report far surpassed the one they had done. They didn’t remember who did it, but suffice to say it wasn’t nearly as good as yours. They have lived there three years. Good job!


Just wanted to let you know that we had other friends that live two doors down from ‘our’ new condo. We showed them your inspection report, and they said your report far surpassed the one they had done. They didn’t remember who did it, but suffice to say it wasn’t nearly as good as yours. They have lived there three years. Good job!


Thanks Bryan. You did a fantastic job!


I appreciate your patience with the clients today. They were very impressed with you. Thanks for always making my referrals good.


Thank you for being so thorough and explaining everything and taking us through each step. You are awesome!

Amanda & Adam

I have to say you have a nice thorough home inspection report. It’s easy to read, has detailed photos and is very concise. I appreciate not having all the filler in it that many inspection reports tend to have and I have seen a number of them. Thanks for being great at what you do. I appreciate it!


Thank you. This is very thorough. I’m very pleased with the level of detail you provided.


Bryan did an excellent job on two home inspections this summer. One was a 4000 sq ft monstrosity, and one was a much more reasonable 1300 sq ft home. He was punctual and very, very thorough. This was the 3rd home I’ve purchased, and I hadn’t seen this level of detail previously in a report. I’ve been using the home inspection report that True North provided me for reference as I work through the things that need to be repaired or addressed. It has been very helpful. My agent was also pleased with the work and indicated he would recommend him to clients in the future.


Hi Bryan.  Thank you for your time and thoroughness.  It is much appreciated and we will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks.

Josh & Bridgette

Super job on inspection. LOTS of little things that were sort of overwhelming when counted together.  We replied to the seller with some terms that we’d accept and continue with the purchase. I appreciate, as always, your KEEN attention to details. Thanks for turning over the report in record time (again). We enjoy doing business with you Brian.

Mike L

Good work. Thank you again!

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Working with Bryan was a masterclass in home ownership, maintenance, and repair. He worked us into his schedule on short notice.  Bryan provided thorough, timely reports and was generous with his time. His services would be an asset to anyone considering purchase of a home.

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Thank you so much for your promptness and flexibility. It’s not easy to buy a home long distance.

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This is so easy to read and understand.  I appreciate the detail and the color coding is very helpful. Thank you very much!


As always well worth it…working with you has been a master class in home ownership maintenance and repair once I get all this stuff fixed I’m gonna bring you back to see it…

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Thank you so much Bryan, I really appreciate that you were able to get this done so quickly.

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Thank you very much for taking time from your inspection schedule Saturday to explain to us your findings on the home we are buying there in Gig Harbor. It was most re-assuring to hear directly from you your knowledgeable, professional evaluation!

Mike S.

Thanks so much for all your help and expertise. We will certainly recommend your services on our community Facebook page.

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You recently did an inspection for our clients and they were impressed with you and I wanted to let you konw that we have added you to our list of trusted inspectors to refer to our clients! Thank you so much for your hard work thus far and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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Thanks for being very thorough in you inspection! Thank you Bryan!

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I did not get the chance to thank you since this deal has been going so fast: thank you for the great job! I will call you on the next deal.

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Thank you so much! You did a very thorough report.

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Very thorough. Appreciate the tips. I think I understand everything.

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Good report.  Thank you.

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I appreciate your keeping us informed and getting this to us in a timely manner. Have a great weekend!

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Thank you for your effort on this Bryan. This was very helpful.

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I received and reviewed your very complete, detailed report on the property.  Thank you for your careful work, and for allowing Kris and Idar to accompany you during the inspection. If I have questions, I will be sure to contact you. Thanks again.

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